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Welcome to Controlled Environments Group, LLC

Our entire business is built around providing product and service solutions that have your best interest in mind. We understand that our customers are the ultimate judge of the value we bring to the table. Because of this we won’t rest until we have provided the right solution to meet your needs.

Cross Contamination Reduction and Cleanroom/Critical Environment Airflow Enhancement:

We manufacture our MLW, MLP, MLR and MD series of CEG Membrane Diffusion Panels at our Houston, Texas facility. For well over 20 years, it has been well documented that our panels improve cleanroom/critical work area performance, uniformly diffuse air over the entire cleanroom or critical working environment ceiling plane, allow room air distribution from the entire ceiling without the use of a 100% filtered ceiling, eliminate turbulent air zones at lights or ceiling blank-off panels, reduce cross-contamination and room turbulence, permit the use of multiple clean zones without partition walls, offer a cost-effective and rapid means of upgrading cleanroom cleanliness and they do all this while providing a uniform, aesthetically pleasing ceiling appearance. In addition to manufacturing our own panels we offer Mann+Hummel Vokes Air CG Air Diffuser panels for replacement use in existing pharmaceutical and hospital facilities that may have had the Vokes CG panels previously installed and are now in need of replacement.

Air filtration:

CEG is the North American Agent for Mann+Hummel Vokes Air. Vokes Air takes pride in making clean air the most efficient way possible at the most cost effective pricing. Utilizing Vokes’ extensive product line we can provide solutions for all your General HVAC Air Filtration, Healthcare Environmental Air Filtration, Pharmaceutical Air Filtration, Biological Research Air Filtration, Cleanroom, Power Generation Air Filtration and Industrial Process Air Filtration needs.

Dust Control:

CEG is the US Agent for Mideco Dust Control PTY LTD, manufacturers of the internationally patented dust suppression device known as Burnley Baffles, the Mideco Bat Booth; a personnel de-dusting booth, bag houses/dust collectors and dust collector/scrubbing systems that utilize venturi, peabody plate and packed tower technology to solve dust collection and odor control needs in all types of industries.

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