Welcome to Controlled Environments Group, LLC

We at CEG have always been interested in airborne contamination control and how to apply the tools available to us to help our customers cost-effectively maintain the level of contamination control they need to conduct business whether it be in the microelectronics, pharmaceutical, medical device, bioresearch, biotechnology, healthcare, chemical, materials handling, agriculture, mining or nuclear industries

Guiding Principles:

Our entire business is built around providing product and service solutions that have your best interest in mind. We understand that our customers are the ultimate judge of the value we bring to the table. Because of this, we won’t rest until we have provided the right solution to meet your needs.

Keeping our guiding principles always in the forefront, we have focused all of our collective efforts and energy into utilizing the products and services listed below to “Creatively Exceeding Goals”, the goals set by you, our customers

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CEG Services

CEG Membrane Diffusion Panels
Cleanroom Testing Services
Hospital and Laboratory Testing Services
Air Filtration
High Efficiency Filters
Receiving Hopper Dust Control
Cleanroom Advisory Services