As we continue to grow, we also continue to fulfill the needs of our ever expanding client base. We have been privileged to work with a very diverse customer base with companies ranging from the high tech semiconductor, nanotechnology, pharmaceutical, injection molding and medical device industries to hospital pharmacies, cosmetic manufacturers, food and beverage manufactures, metrology laboratories, chemical plants, universities, cleanroom construction contractors and other specialty industries.

We provide a variety of products used in the environmental control of facilities and equipment. Products such as the original Membrane Diffusion Panels first developed and patented by Charles W. Soltis while he was with LEPCO in 1986, air and process filters, surgical suite air diffusers, Burnely Baffles – a gravity-actuated mechanical dust control baffle system for dry-bulk material loading areas, Mideco Dust Control Bat Booths – a personnel de-dusting booth system for use in the mining , grain and bulk material handling industries or anywhere there is a need to prevent workers from taking dust with them when they enter a building or from taking potentially hazardous dust home to their loved ones at the end of the day. We regularly provide cleanroom certification and testing services, cleanroom maintenance and filter maintenance services in addition to cleanroom consulting and construction services.


CEG was established when a close knit group of employees, working together for over 17 years, purchased part of the business formerly known as Luwa, USA, Inc. and Bahnson operating out of Houston , Texas.


CEG moves from its original location on Stebbins Drive to its current location at 18128 Kieth Harrow Blvd., Ste. C Houston, TX 77084. With this move doubled our space and built a new ISO Class 5 Membrane Diffusion Panel assembly area.


CEG signs an agreement with Mideco Dust Control PTY LTD to become their North American Sales Representative in the central time zone. CEG begins to introduce Mideco’s Burnley Baffle product to the USA.


Early February – CEG receives its first shipment of Bat Booth Personnel De-dusting booths from Mideco.

Late February – Mideco and CEG introduce the Mideco “Bat Booth” to North America at the GEAPS Exchange Expo 2014 held in Omaha, Nebraska.

April 10 – CEG celebrates 5 years of being in business.

June 5-6, 2014- CEG exhibits Mideco Burnley Baffles and Bat Booth at the Elko Mining Expo in Elko Nevada.

June 8-10 – CEG Exhibits Mideco Burnley Baffles and Bat Booth at the International Society of Mine Safety Professionals Critical Issues Conference in Reno, Nevada.

Since our inception we have drawn from our over 80 years of combined experience in the design/build construction and service industries to engineer, construct and procure the best possible solutions required to meet and exceed our clients expectations.