Technical Information – Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding CEG’s Membrane Diffusion ceiling system. Please contact us directly for more information regarding these panels, and the Alpiq InTec CG Series of diffusion panels. Complete guide specifications and independent test data are available upon request.


What is the CEG membrane material?

CEG membranes are made of woven polypropylene Monofilament.

What is the CEG panel support system?

MD Series – Membrane fabric is set on standard 2′ x 4′ acrylic eggcrate panels.

MLW Series – Membrane fabric is stretched tight onto an anodized aluminum frame.

MLP Series – Specifically designed for Biotech/ Pharmaceutical application. Membrane fabric is stretched on both sides on an anodized aluminum frame with epoxy sealed edges.

What panel sizes are available?

Standard panels are designed to lay in a standard 2′ x 4′ acoustical 15/16″ wide ceiling grid system. Special sizes are available for odd openings.

How are the panels manufactured and shipped?

CEG panels are manufactured in the U.S. by CEG in a class 100 cleanroom. Panels are bagged, crated, and shipped to the job site for installation into the ceiling grid or other support system.

What is the pressure drop?

For uniform airflow, approximately 0.01” to 0.10” w.g.; can be user specified, and can be used to create zones of higher flow.

What are the fire characteristics?

The CEG membrane fabric is classified Class “A” product as defined by the ASTM E-84 fire test.

How are upper ceiling components accessed?

Membrane panels lift out for access to HEPA / ULPA filters and lights.

How are openings and penetrations made in the membrane panels?

Penetrations for sprinkler heads or conduits can be made almost anywhere in the membrane panel and finished off with standard escutcheons. Special sealing is typically not required.

What is the weight of standard membrane panels?

MD Series – Approximately .44 lbs. per square foot.

(1 panel- nominal 2’ x 4’ = 3.40 lbs.)

MLW Series – Approximately .38 lbs. per square foot.

(1 panel- nominal 2’ x 4’ = 3.0 lbs.)

MLP Series – Approximately .50 lbs. per square foot.

(1 panel- nominal 2’ x 4’ = 4.0 lbs.)

Can this system be used in pharmaceutical applications?

A 10:  Yes.

This system has been used in many different pharmaceutical and medical device applications through the years, and may be cleaned using various products. We can provide information on the material of construction, so you may verify its compatibility with your cleaning product.

What is the difference between these CEG Membrane Diffusion panel systems and the Alpiq InTec CG® series system?

The Alpiq InTec CG® series is basically the same as the MLP series described above. However, the Alpiq InTec CG® panels are manufactured in Switzerland.

They include a welded anodized aluminum extruded frame with the fabric adhered to the frame. This product is commonly used in pharmaceutical applications.