CEG provides clients with various services for your advanced technology facility, including testing, balancing and certification. We can verify cleanroom performance as an impartial third party. We can also test cleanrooms to prove continued compliance. All testing is performed to industry standards (IEST, ISO, Federal Standard 209E), while executing the work in strict accordance with NEBB procedural standards and protocols. Our knowledgeable team of competent professionals is ideally suited to perform all of your cleanroom services.

Clean Room ServicesWe provide services of:

  • Commissioning.
  • Installation qualification and start-up.
  • System test, adjustment and balance (TAB).
  • Filter challenge and performance testing.
  • Cleanroom performance testing (airflow, differential pressure, velocity, parallelism, etc.).
  • Environmental performance testing (light, temperature, humidity, etc.).
  • Certification of equipment, such as containment benches, flow hoods and mini-environments.

With over 80 years of combined clean room experience, CEG can meet your every need for professional clean room services, from challenging new systems for performance verification to conducting routine tests for proving continued compliance. Please contact us to learn more about our services.