Burnley Baffles were developed and patented by Mideco Dust Control PTY LTD more than 20 years ago specifically for reducing fugitive dust emissions. They have been used as a successful fugitive dust mitigation solution for all types of bulk material handling applications including, but not limited to, rail car dump hoppers, truck dump hoppers rail car receiving pits, truck unloading receiving pits, wharf hoppers and all types of chutes handling dry granular bulk raw materials. Dust emissions from materials such as grains, feeds, powders, phosphate, cement. c linker, ores, meals and custom applications to suit the specific needs of the client have all been cost effectively mitigated utilizing one of the five Burnley Baffles model types manufactured by Mideco Dust Control.

Burnley BafflesBurnley Baffles are a gravity-actuated, mechanical dust control baffle system that can be quickly built, modified and adapted for most any truck and rail receiving pits or dump hoppers used in unloading grain, ores and a myriad of other dry granular bulk raw materials. A Burnley Baffle installation consists of a set of baffle modules that fill the open face of a receiving pit or dump hopper. Each module contains a set of blades that pivot to allow the material to gravity-flow through it unimpeded and down to the receiving and transfer area below.

The dust generated from material falling into the receiving pit/hopper cannot escape because the hopper is only open where material is entering through the baffles. The face area of the receiving pit where the material is not entering is effectively sealed off reducing dust escape. A 70% to 80% reduction in fugitive dust emission can be realized by the use of Burnley Baffles alone. The remaining 20% to 30% can be removed by the use of a dust collector and exhaust fan that can also be reduced by 70% to 80% in size due to the use of Burnley Baffles. Contact Us for a brochure.

Tests and studies by the Oklahoma State University Stored Products Research and Education Center show that gravity-actuated mechanical baffles significantly reduce dust emissions in truck dump hoppers and receiving pits.

See Burnley Baffles in action: