Mideco Bat Booth (Personnel De-Dusting Booth) - CE GRP

Fine Dusts can be a health hazard to workers particularly when the dust contains known carcinogens, silica or any other respiratory irritants. Research has shown that dusty clothing can elevate a workers exposure to dust 10 times that of a worker in clean clothing. To reduce health hazards to workers, the solution is the Mideco Dust Control “Bat Booth”, our Personal De-dusting Booth, designed to safely blow dust off a worker’s clothing while, at the same time, capturing the dust to keep the surrounding area clean.

Many methods using vacuum or compressed air hoses are commonly used to clean a worker’s clothes. These methods are slow, ineffective and do not contain the dust that is removed from worker’s clothes. The Mideco Bat Booth uses a compressed air manifold to blow dust off of a worker’s clothing while simultaneously capturing the dust in an integrated, on-board, MERV 15 dust collector/air Bat Boothfiltration system that prevents the potentially hazardous dust from being emitted to the ambient atmosphere around the booth. This feature allows the Bat Booth to be placed virtually anywhere onsite where space allows and the air filters are easily accessed for changing by turning two cam locks.

The process normally only takes 10 seconds; it is preset from the factory and tests have shown a 50% improvement in dust removal from clothes over other methods. That being said, the air cleaning cycle can be slightly adjusted up or down to suit your particular application and is easily done through the on-board PLC.

The Bat Booth is supplied completely assembled on a wheeled, skid base. Once delivered to your site, compressed air and power connections are all that is required for it to be fully operational. Contact Us for a brochure.

See Bat Booth in action: