Vokes offers a patented, high quality air diffuser product for clean room and surgical suite applications. The upper ceiling would include HEPA or ULPA filtration prior to the lower CG system. This design allows for a low velocity, laminar flow work surface below the CG air distributor.

This product is manufactured by the Vokes Air facility in Vösendorf, Austria.

The Vokes CG has been used in a variety of industries, including the manufacturing of pharmaceutical, electronics, plastics and food. The CG system is also a popular option for healthcare facilities, such as surgical suites.


Vokes Air CG Series

This particular panel is manufactured with either a single or dual layer of polyester fabric, and is assembled with welded corners. High-end pharmaceutical manufacturers typically utilize this panel due to the high durability and ease of cleaning that the frame offers. The fabric is stretched extremely tight, and is adhered to the frame using epoxy directly to the frame.