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Controlled Environments Group, also known as CEG, provides you with the equipment needed to maintain a clean room or other clean environment for a multitude of applications with a few lines of products specifically designed for purposes ranging from clean rooms, HVAC, nuclear or other power generation, and various healthcare purposes.

In order to provide the best products available, CEG is the North American distributor for Vokes-Air filters which are made in Germany. We also distribute CG air diffusers made in Switzerland by Alpiq InTec Ost AG.

CEG can provide several options for assisting companies in obtaining laminar airflow. In addition to the manufacture our own Membrane Diffusion Panels at our manufacturing facility in the United States, CEG is also the North American distributor for CG air diffusers manufactured by Alpiq InTec Ost AG in Switzerland. Both of these product lines are suitable for use in the ceiling systems in clean rooms and surgical suites, as well as in various types of equipment including glove boxes, laminar flow fume hoods, downflow units, and mini environments.

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