CEG Membrane Diffusion Types

CEG offers several types of membrane panels, as described below. Additionally, we offer various options for the MLW, MLP, and MLR Series panels, such as powder-coat paint, epoxy-coated spline, Viton spline, riv-nut applications, and Poron gasket.

MD Membrane Diffusion Panels

MD Series

This is the most economical Membrane Diffusion panel in our product line of ceiling applications. The fabric rests on an acrylic egg-crate surface (plenum side). This panel is versatile, and can be constructed to any size or shape, including rounded corners.

MLW Series Membrane Diffuser

MLW Series

The most popular Membrane Diffusion panel, and widely used in the microelectronics manufacturing, nano research fields, and inside various types of equipment. This panel is constructed of an aluminum extruded frame with fabric on the room side of the panel. This panel can be manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes, whether fitting around wall corners or columns.

MLP Series Membrane Diffuser Panels

MLP Series

Similar to the MLW Series panel, although this panel utilizes a layer of polypropy- lene fabric on the plenum side and room side of the frame. The dual layer fabric is widely used in biotech and pharmaceut- ical manufacturing facilities. This panel also offers an epoxy coating over the fabric spline for ease of cleaning during regularly scheduled maintenance.

MLR Series Membrane Diffuser Panels

MLR Series

This inexpensive, lightweight and versatile membrane diffusion panel is not used as a cleanroom ceiling panel. Instead, this frame provides diffused air inside various pieces of equipment, with minimal space requirements.